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Basketball bettors should keep evolving during NBA Playoffs


Keep an eye out for your way through the NBA Playoffs

Basketball bettors should keep evolving during NBA Playoffs | News Article by

The NBA Playoffs are marching toward the finals, with the postseason tournament narrowing the field of contenders. The playoffs are a different animal for basketball bettors and even moving round to round, the way you should handicap matchups changes and the nba betting lines.

Here are some tips and tactics to follow and some situational spots to keep an eye out for as you wager your way through the NBA Playoffs:

Factor in Fatigue
The postseason is a grind, and even with more time off between games in the conference and NBA Finals, players are running on fumes at this point of the year. NBA bettors should really mind the minutes and physical toll each and every game takes on teams.

A seven-game set can leave the winning team pooped for Game 1 of the next round while a team that breezes through a series in four or five games offers them valuable down time before the next matchup is sorted out.

You’ll want to keep a close tab on star players and their production, including shooting percentages and offensive efficiency as the postseason plays out. Measure the team’s dependency on those standouts and if the supporting cast can pick up the slack if those elite talents should have an off night.

A team like the Golden State Warriors – with a surplus of All-Stars - isn’t as susceptible to the playoff grind as a club like the Cleveland Cavaliers, who rely heavily on LeBron James to shoulder the load on both ends of the floor.

Investigate Injuries
Injuries pop up a lot in the playoffs. Players are forced to play at an increased rate and travel more throughout a series, leaving little time to recover. Obviously, when a star player goes down there is a massive adjustment in just about every odds market: spread, total, series price, futures. But, some of the best value can be found when the betting markets don’t correct properly for a role player or bench reserve.

Often times, a team’s playoff fortunes come down to which role players up their production and give a much-needed boost at the perfect time. And with fatigue a factor and depth such a valuable commodity, going down a starter or sixth/seventh man off the bench can be devastating to a team’s chances.

If you do see a role player on the injured list, it’s worth digging into the advanced stats behind those players and see just how much his teammates will miss if he’s sidelined. Then, once you have a good take on their production and who will be replacing their minutes, cross check the spread and total to see if oddsmakers are adjusting enough or too much.

Tread lightly with trends
They call it the second season for a reason. The NBA Playoffs, especially once you get into the later rounds, produce some strange results when measured against regular season data. Trends that held true during the 82-game schedule go out the window when facing the same team four, five, six, or seven games in a row.

Basketball bettors shouldn’t be banking on a team as a “good home bet” or a “solid Under bet” based on those long-standing regular season trends. Teams and oddsmakers make quick adjustments from game to game, so playoff results are much harder to map out. We’ve seen solid Under teams like the Utah Jazz produce Over profits, and locked-in home bets like the Toronto Raptors lose outright as large faves in the Air Canada Centre.

NBA playoff contenders are under the microscope this time of year, so the best way to find an edge in terms of trends is to comb the local newspapers and beat reporters on social media for any hint as to a coach’s game plan from one game to the next.

If the team played Under in the game before, they may run with a smaller, faster lineup this time around to boost scoring - finishing well above the number. Rely on information like that rather than dated regular season trends.

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